Previously Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reported that AEW wrestler Chris Jericho and WWE superstar MVP had an altercation at a hotel following AEW Dynamite tapings on May 18th Houston Texas. MVP is lived there, and he has gone to see his old friend Matt Hardy. MVP showed up when Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy talked to each other, and then things got heated between Chris Jericho and MVP. They exchanged few words, and nothing bad happened, Meltzer noted.

Fightful Select has given an update regarding Chris Jericho and MVP’s confrontation. Fightful stated that the two superstars are no longer friends and their friendship broke down due to social and political reasons.

Fightful had heard about the confrontation as far back as AEW Double or Nothing weekend, but facts were few and far between as there wasn’t much talent around that saw it. Those close to the situation say that it is true that MVP and Chris Jericho are no longer friends, and it boiled down to social and political issues in which were made public on Twitter.

Fightful Select discussed the situation with MVP, and they stated:

When we asked MVP about the reported confrontation, we were told that “there was an exchange, but it didn’t go down like that” and there are two sides to every story, with the truth usually somewhere in the middle. It was established that while the two were former friends, that was no longer the case.

Chris Jericho and MVP had their last interaction on Twitter during the 2020 election. Then, MVP was reportedly blocked Jericho on Twitter.

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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