Sasha Banks and Naomi Done With WWE, Snoop Dogg Comments On Sasha Banks' WWE RAW Walked Out

It has been a week since Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out from Monday Night RAW but WWE fans are still talking about them. WWE has removed Sasha Banks and Naomi from their TV intros. They were replaced by Cody Rhodes and Rhea Ripley. Recently, WWE removed their merchandises from WWE shop. WrestleVotes reported that 
the situation is getting worst day by day.

After talking to a few people, I gather this Sasha Naomi situation is going to get worse before it gets any better. While the majority of the support online is in their favor, it’s quite the opposite with management.

Despite all of this, several WWE and AEW superstars showed their support to Sasha Banks and Naomi. WWE superstar Shayna Baszler stated that she will always be there for them. AEW wrestler Dax Harwood noted that “always stand up for what you believe in.”

Rap star Snoop Dogg also posted a heartwarming message for his cousin Sasha Banks. He simply stated, “Bloodline” with a photo of himself and Banks staring each other.

As of today, Sasha Banks and Naomi did not address the situation publicly but WWE continuously burying them. Yesterday, WWE removed the official Facebook pages of Sasha and Naomi. Those pages were run by WWE staff.

When talking about Naomi, prior to her WWE RAW walked out she was in talks with new deal. However, she is now removed herself as a WWE superstar on Twitter and Instagram. Naomi absent from public eye after last Monday’s incident but Sasha Banks appeared on Steve Aoki concert with Snoop Dogg’s son Calvin. It seems like she does not care about WWE anymore.

On Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer noted an interesting detail regarding Banks and Naomi’s current WWE contracts. He stated that if Sasha Banks and Naomi do not appear for the work then WWE can freeze their contracts.

Naomi’s contract did not have much time left. I think it was about two months. As we’ve talked about, she was negotiating a new deal. Based on the wording of their contracts, WWE has the right to suspend and freeze. Now, would that hold up in court? I don’t know. Will they challenge it in court? I don’t know, but based on the contracts they signed, if you fail to perform and we suspend you, we can also freeze your contract.

Ringside News reported that creative department did not pitch any ideas for both women. It seems WWE has given up Sasha Banks and Naomi.

For those who are wondering, no creative ideas are being pitched for Sasha Banks and Naomi. Nobody is throwing an idea out there in case Vince wants to bring them back.

No official mandate was handed down, but it was not needed. We were told it’s pretty obvious they’re gone.

This past Friday Night SmackDown Michael Cole stated that there will be a tournament for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Now the question is, Are there any Women’s Tag Teams available on the main roster. The obvious answer is no.

We will update you when we receive more details regarding this developing story. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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