Roman Reigns pushed Logan Paul two times into the corner. The Tribal Chief dominated in the opening of the match. Logan then made a strong comeback and performed several athletic moves. Paul Heyman was also shocked on Logan’s athleticism. However, The Tribal Chief took control of the match.

Logan Paul then slammed Roman Reigns in the ring. Logan climbed the top rope and hit a facebuster. Logan then hit his own version of the superman punch. Logan then hit a cross body and a standing moonsault but Reigns managed to kick out in two. Logan then attempted to hit sweet chin music but Reigns reversed it. Reigns hit a rock bottom on Logan but Logan kicked out in two. Logan Paul then hit his “one lucky punch” twice on Reigns but Reigns kicked out again. Logan then hit a frog splash on Reigns through the announcers’ table.

The Usos then came to the ringside and attacked Logan Paul’s friends. Jake Paul came to knock both Jimmy and Jey Uso out.

Logan Paul then hit another frog splash on Reigns but the Trible Chief kicked out again. Solo Sikoa then came to help Reigns. Sikoa had an altercation with Jake Paul. The Usos and Solo Sikoa attempted to attack Jake Paul but Logan saved him with high-flying move. Roman Reigns then hit a spear and pinned Logan Paul.

Roman Reigns retained his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.


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