Earlier today Kevin Owens changed his location to “Almost there” on Twitter and tweeted the coordinates of Mt. Rushmore. When Owens was in PWG, he was part of the Mt. Rushmore faction with Young Bucks and Adam Cole prior to signing with WWE. Later He was deleted that tweet. But it led many to speculate that he was leaving WWE and was most likely hoping to sign with AEW.

Fightful Select reported that Kevin Owens’ deal will expire much sooner than expected. WWE restructured several contracts during the pandemic. Owens’ deal was also changed and is now set to expire in January 2022.

Fightful has been made aware that one WWE contract expires much sooner than originally thought by the public. Kevin Owens did an interview in May of 2018 with TVA Sports where he’d stated that he’d signed a new 5-year contract that would carry him into 2023. However, as it turns out, that deal is actually now up in January 2022, according to WWE sources.

There are no additional details about why his deal was shortened. We will update you, when we received a more details about Kevin Owens’ situation.


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