WWE has released Jeff Hardy on December 9th after incident at live event in Edinburg, Texas. Following his release, Hardy appeared on several meet & greet events. He’s currently under 90 day non-compete with WWE.

During his podcast, Matt Hardy was provided an update about Jeff hardy’s non-compete period.

Jeff’s no-compete clause runs into March 9,” Matt said. “As of March 10, he will be free to do whatever and then he could negotiate with somebody or work for another big company that has television, whatever it may be. Do I think that Jeff Hardy could end up coming to AEW and teaming up with Matt Hardy again? As they say in the wrestling business, never say never. Anything’s possible. We’re definitely going to be working together and we’ll see if the planets align and we do get the opportunity to become the greatest team in all of space and time once more.

Also, Matt Hardy gave more information about why Jeff Hardy turned down WWE’s Hall of Fame offer.

It took them several weeks and they had to kind of jump through some hoops to get his drug test results back. Obviously negative. He has passed every drug test he’s had while he’s been there. The issues that he had in the past were with alcohol and he hasn’t had those in quite a while. So everything is on the up and up for Jeff.
And then they did realize they jumped the gun a little bit whenever they released him before they got these drug test results back. And it’s strange because they waited weeks, and they really had to go after these drug test results to get them back. Because I guess they knew it wasn’t going to paint them in the best light. But longest story short, they offered him to be inducted into the 2022 Hall of Fame.
Jeff asked ‘so you want to induct me into the Hall of Fame?’ And he said ‘well let me ask you, I know you guys have spoken with AEW. Is this going to be the Hardy Boyz? Is this myself and my brother Matt?’ And they go ‘oh, no no, no, no. We can’t get Matt. He’s under contract at AEW. You know, it would just be you.’ And Jeff said ‘well, that’s a hard no.’ He definitely stood up for the team of the Hardy Boyz.

It seems like Jeff Hardy will join with his brother Matt Hardy in AEW soon. We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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