Chris Jericho is one of the veterans in AEW right now. He was the first-ever AEW World Champion in the company’s history and currently, he is holding the ROH World Championship.

A few wrestlers who joined AEW in 2019 recently signed contract extensions with the promotion. Current AEW World Champion Jon Moxley is one of them and Moxley will be staying with the company for a long time. Now, Jericho followed Moxley’s footsteps and has done the same thing.

Variety has reported that Chris Jericho has signed a contract extension with AEW which makes him stay with the company until 2025.

After signing the new deal, Chris Jericho said the following to the media.

I guess the simple answer is ‘Why not?’ Things have been going so well in the company, and I really do feel that this is my company. It’s tattooed on my heart, so to speak. I’ve been here since day one, and there’s really no reason not to be here continuing forward. When AEW first started, I think basically it was Chris Jericho and a group of very talented people that might not have been as well known. Within three months that changed and now within three years, we’ve got at least a dozen, maybe two dozen, of our own homegrown stars that came into their own on AEW television.

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