Bret Hart is one of the top wrestlers of the 90s. Following the “Montreal Screwjob” incident in 1997, Bret departed from WWE and joined the rival promotion WCW. He signed a multi-million-dollar contract with WCW. However, Bret’s career in WCW kept short after a match with Goldberg.

In 1999, Bret Hart defended his WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Goldberg at Starrcade. During the match, Goldberg hit a thrust kick to Bret’s head. As of result, Bret Hart suffered a severe concussion and he retired from in-ring competitions a few months later.

During a recent K&S WrestleFest signing, Bret Hart said that Goldberg got into the WWE Hall of Fame by hurting other wrestlers. Bret further said WWE should remove Goldberg from the Hall of Fame.

I always thought that if Goldberg got into the Hall of Fame then Horowitz should’ve gone into the Hall of Fame. Horowitz can actually wrestle. Goldberg never could. I think he got in there for hurting everybody he worked with…They should [on being told that WWE should put Horowitz into the Hall of Fame]. They should take Goldberg out.

– H/T ComicBook

This is not the first time that Bret Hart expressed his frustration with Goldberg. Back in July, during the Michael Kay show, Bill Goldberg said the following as a reply to Bret Hart.

When an accident happens and you tell your side of the story and nobody believes it, especially the person who is negatively affected by it, yeah it sucks. And I will take it to my grave, because I am sure that he will never forgive me. But, hey man what else can I say? I said I was sorry and that it was unintentional, and it was the furthest thing from my mind, I don’t know, a million times?

And of those a million times, he’s come back with, ‘Yes, it was intentional. And he’s a punk. And he didn’t know what he was doing and he ruined my career.’ You know, it sucks.

– H/T Sportskeeda

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