Triple H brought back several released superstars, including Braun Strowman to the company in the past three months. Strowman made his return to WWE on the September 5th episode of Monday Night RAW. After returning to the company, Strowman teamed with New Day to compete at several live events.

This past Saturday, The Monster Among Monsters defeated Nigerian Gian Omos after hitting a running power slam. The match was perfectly delivered to the fans. However, Braun Strowman received a huge backlash from other wrestlers and fans after his comment about “flippy flipper” wrestlers.

Ringside News reported that Strowman has huge backstage heat due to showing up late and leaving early.

“Braun Strowman has some heat on him right now. Those tweets yesterday did him no favors, but a lot of people in WWE were already questioning his motives after showing up late, leaving early, all while having an overall bad attitude and ego.”

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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