Last week, WWE started playing the “White Rabbit” song during a commercial break on SmackDown in Anaheim, California. Since then, the song was played on WWE shows during commercial breaks.

The company started showing a QR code on this week’s WWE RAW which redirected to a video on featuring a white rabbit. They also did it again during Hit Row’s party segment on last night’s SmackDown and this time QR code redirected to another video featuring a white rabbit game. At the end of the clip, they showed the coordinates of the venue of Next week’s WWE RAW which is scheduled to take place from Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

#SmackDown new QR White Rabbit Code

— Luke 🇮🇪 (@lfcluke_7) September 24, 2022

Many fans speculate these teases are for the returning Bray Wyatt. However, WWE surprised fans last night by placing flyers on the fans’ cars who came to watch SmackDown.

The White Rabbit has a parting gift for us. #WhiteRabbit #SmackDown @WWEonFOX @WWE

— timaginationIWC (@timaginationIWC) September 24, 2022

This was on our windshield after #SmackDown #WWE #WhiteRabbit

— Wrathchild (@wrathchild801) September 24, 2022

#WWE #whiterabbit #SLC

— shay hollinger (@freewayshay) September 24, 2022

A nice surprise for after the show #WhiteRabbit #SmackDown

— Riann (@riann_brady) September 24, 2022

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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