WWE Saturday Night Main Event was held last night in Peoria, Illinois. You can read the full results of the event by clicking here. In the event, there was an unexpected incident happened between Scarlett and a female fan.

Drew McIntyre faced Karrion Kross in a singles match and Scarlett was at the ringside. During the match, a female fan threw a drink at Scarlett. It is reported Scarlett was very upset about that. Security guards and police officers then came to the ringside area and ejected a few fans from the arena. However, the match continued meanwhile the incident.

A fan who saw the incident issued the following statement on his social media.

“we are right behind them it was the lady with them that threw the drink and they took her away first and then came and got her family who looked embarrassed to be associated with her they didn’t cuff the man just asked him to leave”

Scarlett said the following regarding the incident.

“As a classy woman from Chicago, I’m not surprised that something like this would happen in Peoria.

PS. To the granny who threw the drink, your booze was as cheap as your hairdo.”

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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