Earlier this week, the current AEW World Champion MJF was involved in a heated argument with UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett on social media. Their argument gained a lot of attention after Conor McGregor supported Pimblett on Twitter.

On Tuesday, MJF and Pimblett exchanged a few words on Instagram. MJF then challenge Pimblett to appear on AEW Dynamite when the show debuted in London the next year.

“Unlike you I’m 100% natural and I’m also 100% original. Unlike you. You’re dollar store Connor McGregor talking, Will from strangers things looking a** wouldn’t last two seconds in my world. #Betterthanyou See you in London.”

During an interview with ESPN, the AEW World Champion said the following,

“I can assure you when we come to London in 2023 if Paddy shows his face, he’s going to find out that a Scouser is no match for a Long Islander Because I’m better than him and he knows it.”

Things got more interesting after Former UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor posted a screenshot of TMZ’s article by stating that he doesn’t know who MJF is.

“A dollar store Conor is still worth millions! Let’s go young Paddy Pimb! Don’t know who this other clown is.”

MJF then responded to McGregor by saying,

“I’ll f**k the Conor clone up.
Then I’ll wipe my ass with the original.
Stay in your lane you roided up leprechaun.
You can’t hang with the AEW World Champion. #Betterthanyou”

In a deleted Tweet, MJF briefly said, “You’re Mid” to McGregor.

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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