Bray Wyatt was not seen from the squared circle following his WWE release in July of last year. The former world champion received several offers to return to the ring but he did not accept any of those offers. A few months ago, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Reported that Bray Wyatt’s asking price was too high.

Recently, Triple H brought back several released superstars to the company and this past Monday on RAW former Wyatt family member Braun Strowman made his return.

Xero News reported that Bray Wyatt’s WWE return would be a huge thing and it won’t happen on a RAW, SmackDown or a secondary premium live event. They also noted that only Triple H and a few other backstage officials know when Bray Wyatt’s return happens and they keep it secret.

Source stated last night its more a case if When Bray returns to WWE than If he returns.

It is believed due to how big of a return he will be it wont be some random raw/sd or secondary PLE.

HHH is keeping all returns secret only a few people in the business know.

Many fans are expecting to see Bray Wyatt in WWE for months now and Wyatt himself teased his return a few times. Crown Jewel is the next big event in the company and it would be a perfect PLE for Wyatt’s return.

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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