What is the Internet, Do not know the most Pakistanis

What is the Internet - The Spotlight News,Internet
What is the Internet - The Spotlight News

(TSLN) – About the Internet, almost 69 percent of Pakistanis still do not know. This study was conducted among people between the ages of 15 and 65 years. The information and communication technology-related international research report has come up in the information.

The Dawn reported on Monday that the research conducted by Sri Lanka-based research firm Larneasia. The company has been known for its research on information and communication technology in the Pacific region. The study, conducted from October to December last year, was selected as a sample of two thousand khana. The sampling method has been designed in such a way that the representation of 98 percent of Pakistan’s 15 to 65-year-olds is confirmed.

Lernesia’s chief executive, Hilni Galpaya, said on the website of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) that the active mobile subscriber base in the country is 15.2 million. Although the SIM registration system in the country is not quite transparent and is not well-informed.

SIM registration system does not tell customers about anything. Whether he (the customer) is male, female, rich or poor. Their research report highlighted the current state of Internet awareness in Asian countries.

It has been found in the study that only 30 percent of the people aged 15 to 65 are currently aware of the Internet. Only 17 percent of the people use the Internet. The reason for not using the Internet is because of the lack of awareness about the Internet.

Pakistan has fewer Internet usage rates than men in Pakistan. Less than 43 percent of women use the Internet in the country.

It has been said in the report that one of the reasons for not using the Internet is the lack of time, high prices on the Internet, the use of restrictions. Of these, 49 percent said that the lack of time is about the lack of time. According to 18 percent, the high net worth of the Internet and participants in the 22 percent survey said they are not as interested in the Internet due to their obligations to the Internet.

In Pakistan, the difference between village people and city users on the internet is comparatively less than India and Bangladesh. This is 13 percent in Pakistan, 57 percent in India and 62 percent in Bangladesh.

Hilani Gallipay said that among the mobile users in Pakistan, smartphone users are now 22 percent. 25 percent of people have internet-enabled mobile phones, but they are old technology. The remaining 53 percent of the people have a mobile phone that can only be spoken. This means that 53 percent of the people do not have internet.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority did not respond to the results of this survey.

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