Malakai Black made his debut on AEW by starting a rivalry with Cody Rhodes. Black became one of the interesting characters in AEW. Later, Black formed a House of Black faction along with Brody King and Buddy Mathews.

However, Malakai Black had been frustrated with his AEW bookings and was requested his release from the company. Black was also suffering from health matters for some time. Earlier this month, he was granted a conditional release from AEW.

Last night the former AEW wrestler competed in the Prestige Wrestling’s Perseverance event in Pomona, California where he defeated Kidd Bandit. After the match, Malakai Black addressed the crowd and requested a few months to re-calibrate himself.

Look, on a real note, I understand that all you have questions… what I am doing, where I am going. Look, on a serious note, in due time, I will answer the majority of these questions. However, for the last 22 years of my life, I have never not once taken a step back and re-calibrated my life. I took a chance to kind of look back at the stuff I’ve done in-ring but also the stuff outside of the ring. I’ve never done that because I always have this attitude of like, you know when they give the horses with the flaps on the side of their heads so they can’t look to the side? I’ve done that for my entire professional career because I had this one attitude towards wrestling which was you got to think globally, not locally because if you think locally, you’re going to get stuck in one place. That applies to everything, by the way. If you want to branch out, you cannot be worried about the little things….You’ve all been fantastic. Please allow me a few weeks, maybe a few months, to just re-calibrate myself. I promise you. This is not goodbye. This is just we’ll see each other soon.

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Malakai Black breaks his silence following AEW release at the Prestige Wrestling

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UPDATE: Malakai Black explained his AEW contract status

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