Ugly aspects of Argentine football

Ugly aspects of Argentine football, The Spotlight News

Many people, including Blake star forward Carlos Tevez and captain Pablo Perez, were injured in the attack. At the time, fights with some of the foolish supporters who were out of the ground were also taken by Riverplate supporters.

Police fired tear gas and took control of the situation but the players were not in the same condition. Some have to be taken to the hospital, many were vomiting in the dressing room.

In the Copa Libertadores match three years ago, Boca Juniors’ supporters attacked River plan players in the same way, the players targeted the traffic tunnel and hit the ‘paper spray’.

It is believed that this attack will now take revenge for the incident. Even after all this, the South American football conglomerate, Conmabal, insisted on playing the fool. Tevez, who later reacted with anger, said, ‘What conmਬਲ has done is shameful.

Two of our players were in the hospital, but they were insisting on our game. If the incident happened to be a fool, then throwing us immediately and giving the trophy to River plant. The last time I did not go to the field of Tevez The match is backed by the consent of the president of the two clubs.

When the match will be, it is still not decided. The president of the Congress party will meet in front of the president of the two parties. After that, the new schedule will be scheduled.

On the occasion of the G-20 conference, the leaders of many important states of the world went to Buenos Aires. Many people like Vladimir Putin were supposed to be present in this match. But everything was shattered.

Folk and River supporters did not restrict this dualism to soccer only for ages. In the 1968 monument stadium, 71 fans were killed in the stadium to watch the two teams.

A few years ago, Boris Brava, a hooligan organization, was known for his ability in the political arena of Argentine politics. No one can be neutral when the match starts from Riggleman, Battuta to Aimar, from Maradona.

In the era of ‘Bhadrapada’ Club of Buenos Aires, the year has attracted the costly players, from the type of game to the beauty of the River. Meanwhile, Boca Juniors, a crowded club of Argentines, was beaten.

The Club Club is the symbol of hope for the marginalized community of the city. As a result, the conflict between the two groups of the rich and poor era of the two decades of the two groups emerged. But what is the message of Argentine domestic football to the world as a result of this conflict continuing, did the supporters of these two parties think once?

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