Trump in front of opposition of its own party to question the murder of Khasogi

murder of Khasogi

(TSLN)- Murder of Khasogi: Whether it was the hand of Prince Muhammad bin Salman in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Kassogi, this fact is definitely not known at any time. Apart from that, selling arms in Saudi Arabia is very important for America.

Therefore, the country or its leadership will not leave the United States. In a statement on Tuesday, President Trump cleared in a statement on Tuesday that despite the CIA’s decision, he will not take any action against Salman or the Saudi government.

More important means to him than law or morality. Some people described this position as ‘America First’ – ‘Saudi Arab First’. When asked to trump before going to his hotel in Florida to spend a vacation from the White House yesterday, he made his position more clear, “There is no question of giving up the billions of dollars in business to Russia or China.

For me, this policy only means, America First. This argument of Trump is not only the anti-Democrats, but leaders of his own party have started refusing. Prior to this, Senator Lindsey Graham, known as a friend of the trump, called Prince Salman as a virtual murderer, saying that this man is poisonous and harmful.

Another Republican senator Bob Corker proposed a proposal with two Democratic Senators to investigate the murder. Rand Paul, the last Republican senator who has opposed trump, said yesterday that he was opposed to the trump.

The friend of the trump friend, requested the Saudi Arabian government to review the agreement to sell 110 billion US dollars, saying the contract should be canceled, otherwise a murderer will be rewarded.

Trump, in his statement, argued for continued relations with Saudi and said that this need to be done to prevent Iran. Rand said that Rand said he heard the trump, he says Saudi Arabia is bad, but Iran is worse than that.

The United States should not be in the moral judgment, which is worse than the two evils. Senator Paul, however, blamed National Security Advisor John Bolton for not taking responsibility for the decision taken by Trump.

‘This is not trump, Bolton’ – in an interview with Rand Paul. Opposition Democrats, however, are reluctant to give up trumps. Senator Jean Shahin described Trump’s speech as the face of America’s democracy.

Another Democratic Senator Tim Cain said, it is a shame that Trump has taken the side of a murder administration. This is never the ‘America’s interest first’ – this policy cannot be reflected. He urged the US Congress to take steps to stop the export of US arms to Saudi Arabia.

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