There is no possibility of returning to Barcelona Neymar!

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Barcelona’s director Pep Segura has said that if Neymar is to get the team needed, but he will bring Neymar again from the PSG, “We believe that after the insult (Neymar’s departure from Barcelona), if Neymar needs the team, Will be brought.

‘ After this comment, the stems are filled with rumours about Neymar. Many Messi players, including Messi, want to get Neymar back as a teammate – he has also been heard well. But Berserai’s former star Xavi Hernandez believes that Neymar’s return to the Nou camp is almost ‘zero’.

Javio played with Neymar He knows very well how much Neymar’s capability as a player. Yet he does not think that Neymar can be brought back or again, ‘No, I do not think that Neymar would be brought back.

We all know how he left Barcelona and went to PSG. I keep running football news. I know everything about Neymar’s return to Barcelona is not at all possible. However, the new news has been reported that Neymar has met with Barcelona consultant André Kurier during the ongoing international break.

Even after leaving the PSG, Barcelona has met with old friends whenever they get to the city. The Brazilian star has also expressed the desire to return to Barcelona with some of the friends.

Barcelona has no objection to getting him back. Neymar has already given permission from the PSG, if someone comes in 229 million euros (that is, 2 years after that change) then PSG will allow him to change the team.

It’s been reported so long, Real Madrid wants to take this opportunity. It is known now that Barça does not hesitate to spend this money to ensure the dominance of the club. They (Barca) have not been able to fill Neymar’s deficit yet.

After Neymar’s departure, players like Phillip Coutinho and Malcolm came to Osman on the attack. Even if Coutinho has a light in the middle, 105 million people are increasingly thinking of coach because of uncontrolled lifestyle and irregularities.

Malcolm still could not get the coach’s confidence. There is no way out of Barcelona’s prospect of Neymar’s return. Barca midfielder Carlos Allena acknowledged as to the desire to return to Neymar, “Neymar is one of the faiths at the end of the day and if he wants to return, no one will stand up.

But he will have to decide. If we get him back, we’ll love him very much. He is an outstanding player, a unique talent. When he comes, Barcelona and us all will improve. ” Javio has spoken about Neymar’s capability with Allan, ‘He is very talented, he is very talented.

If he is working hard, he can go to the level of Messi and Ronaldo one day. He is capable of being one of the best players of all time in football.

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