The risk of death, why the adventurous journey?


Bangladeshis are not being stopped illegally by the dangerous border of the American southern region. Every year, the torrential river swimmers are trying to enter the United States with the risk of death.

Border security forces rescued some desperate immigrants who were drowning in the river. Many people disappeared after the river flowed. In a year, about 650 Bangladeshi people have been told to cross the border to the border guards.

Six more detainees were arrested last weekend These desperate explorers of Bangladesh and other countries of South America are climbing in the grip of the brokers, who are entering America in the risk of death.

America’s immigrants began calculating revenue according to the revenue month. New revenue month has started since October. Just one day on October 1, the US Border Security Force detained 75 people during crossing the Rio Grande river in the border.

The detainees said they had taken a risk of 15 to 20 lakh rupees in this risky expedition to the brokers in Bangladesh. In the name of reaching America, members of Adam-trafficking group are active in these areas.

Experts working with immigration say that trafficking of Bangladesh from Bangladesh is not being stopped due to lack of surveillance of local law enforcement agencies in Bangladesh. Thus many people are being killed. People detained at the border are living in the center of the border detention center.

In this way, Bangladesh has been repeatedly in the international press. The open river is on the border between America’s Southern and Central Texas. That border is absolutely open. Such borders are hundreds of miles Illegal immigrants are using this path.

Agents working in the Laredo South Border Petrol station on November 19, arrested four suspected suspects in Masterson Road, Texas. During this time they were interrogated as part of the Laredo Sector Line Operation.

In the interrogation, they came out in the assault, the four young Bangladeshi In the morning the same company carried out another operation. At Laredo’s Olinda Street, they saw two young men walking suspiciously. Security guards go to them.

They detained two youths and interrogated them. They also said that they are both Bangladeshi. The Adam Trafficking team brought huge amounts of money to the United States to turn their way around.

Earlier on 29 October, a team of US Marine watched the river during a river, a group of four swimming across the river into the American territories. Seeing Marin members from a distance, these four could not swim, almost sinking.

After approaching the Marine team, the two were already in the middle. Later, they were rescued and brought to the shore. In the interrogation, four people admitted that they came from Bangladesh through the broker.

They have given a huge amount of money to Adam Trafficking Group to come to America, they said. Thousands of immigrants gathered around the Texas border to enter America Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has deployed troops at that border.

Said the miscreants entered the US illegally. He also issued an executive order to stop illegal political immigrants coming to America. Although on 20 November, Federal Judge John Tiger ruled against the executive order issued on November 9 of President Trump.

In the 1565 Immigration and National Act of America, it is said that immigrants who entered legal or illegal America can apply for shelter in this country. The White House has strongly criticized the Federal Judge’s verdict.

The administration is expected to go to the High Court. The number of political asylum applications increased in the last few years in America. In 2008, there were five thousand political applications. In the year 2018, it stood 97 thousand.

Most of the migrants coming to America from various South American countries Prior to the last few years, the Bangladeshi people did not have many talks about the crossing of the US border. Nearly every Bangladeshi was caught in the dangerously dangerous border of the border in the last three years.

Bangladesh is coming regularly in the news media about these events. There have also been reports of casualties in the press about more than one.

Human rights organizer Kazi Fouzia said in the first light that why this dangerous journey from Bangladesh has not stopped, Bangladesh government will have to take responsibility to stop illegal human trafficking.

The law enforcement agencies will have to increase surveillance in areas where Adam Trafficking is active locally. Adam trafficking must be strictly suppressed.

While spending huge amounts of money to reach life in America, there is now a limited opportunity for legitimacy.

Fauzia said, “There is an incident happening one after another, but the Bangladesh government has been playing a distinguished role.

He urged the human rights organizations and public representatives of the country to work and stop the risky illegal arrivals to cross the US border.

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