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South Korean Kim Jong-Yang has been elected chief of Interpol, the international organization of police, defeating Russian strongman Alexander Prokopchuk.

On Wednesday, representatives of the 57-year-old former police officer Kim Jong-Yang were elected as the new head of the annual general meeting.

According to the BBC, in the United Arab Emirates on November 18-21, at Interpol’s 87th Annual General Meeting, about one thousand law enforcement officers from 180 countries of the world took part in the BBC.

In the annual meeting, members of the president and executive committee are elected in the democratic system. All the countries there voted one by one.

Prokopchuk will serve as the Interpol’s four Vice Presidents. There is a complaint against Prokopchuk for using International Police Agency Interpol to issue arrest warrants. Prokopachouk can use Interpol to target critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Moscow thinks that another campaign has been launched to defeat Russia’s candidate. Interpol’s former president Maung Hongwei disappeared after visiting China in September. Later, China confirmed that he was arrested.

They are investigating against him for accepting a bribe. From that time the Interpol’s presidential post was empty. But Kim Jong-Yang was acting in charge of this post. Kim Jong-Young was the chief of police in South Korea’s Gyeonggi Province.

He was the Senior Vice President of Interpol. Kim Jong-Yang was acting as the acting head of the organization after Major General of Police Meng Howwei disappeared.

Alexandra Prokopchuk is responsible for the Russian Interior Minister’s responsibility. The former army general was the head of the Moscow Bureau of General Interpol.

Last month, Interpol’s former chief Meng Howwei disappeared after resigning. After several days of missing, it is known that China has arrested him for interrogation on charges of bribery.

He was arrested in Paris from Paris to China and was arrested there.

Before joining Interpol in November 2016, Meaning Howwei was Assistant Minister of the People’s Defense Ministry of China. He was forced to resign as Interpol’s president in 2020 but he was forced to resign earlier.

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