Asuka still holds the record of the longest-reigning NXT Women’s Champion in company history. The Empress of Tomorrow has dominated the women’s division since joining the main roster in 2017. She is a Women’s Triple Crown Champion and Women’s Grand Slam Champion.

Asuka last competed on the September 24th Saturday Night’s Main Event, where she teamed up with Alexa Bliss to face Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky for the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Asuka and Alexa Bliss were attacked by Damage CTRL on the October 3rd episode of Monday Night RAW. Since then both Asuka and Bliss disappeared from WWE television.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer has reported that Asuka is dealing with a legitimate injury. However, Meltzer did not provide more details.

Despite not being on WWE television, Alexa Bliss competed on the October 23rd Sunday Stunner Live Event, where she teamed up with Bianca Belair to face Baley and Dakota Kai.

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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  1. Why is the powers of being letting other wrestlers injuring wrestlers just to make a point and nothing is being done to them, they are letting it slide by. Come on and wise up to what is happening.

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