Back in June, Jeff Hardy was arrested for driving under the influence in Volusia County, Florida. Hardy was later bailed out of jail but the situation got worst due to that being his third DUI arrest in a decade.

At the time, Jeff Hardy along with his brother Matt was scheduled for the AEW Tag Team Championship match. AEW President Tony Khan removed The Hardys from the bout and forced Jeff Hardy to get treatment for his substance abuse issues.

Tony Khan recently announced that Jeff Hardy doing better now. However, the fans who waiting to see The Charismatic Enigma on AEW television have to wait much longer.

PWInsider reported that Jeff Hardy is set to appear in court on October 19th for a hearing and Hardy won’t be back on AEW television until the end of the legal matters.

Hardy has a pre-trial hearing for his DUI related charges in Florida on Wednesday 10/19. As we reported over the summer, Hardy’s attorneys waived his right to a speedy trial and requested a hearing set for July be pushed back 60 days to assist in his defense. The 10/19 date would be the rescheduled hearing.

PWInsider is told Hardy is still officially with AEW, but is not expected to return from his suspension until his legal matters are cleared up and he’s shown he can maintain sobriety. Hardy has been in treatment for some time after his arrest earlier this year.

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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  1. Unfortunately Jeff Hardy has suffered with substance abuse almost his whole career mainly pain killers and alcohol. Which is unfortunate because he has been in trouble multiple times for using and abusing them. From DUI to being fired and suspended from WWE on a few occasions. But if you have been watching Matt and Jeff Hardy for almost 20 years like I have you can probably imagine how much pain Jeff is in. So he uses drugs and alcohol to self medicate. I mean twenty years of falling and jumping off of 20 to 30 ft ladder's through tables and chairs Will mess you up not to mention taking leaps from 50 to 100 ft high off of the stage and Entrance tunnels and crashing into an opponent, through the stage or usually through a table will definitely take a a big toll on your body I'm surprised he ain't completely paralyzed or dead. He was nuts to do those kind of leaps when he came to Aew to be with Matt Hardy I was really hoping they could have one last run but I guy that is gonna be Delayed longer or not happen at all.

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