Indian citizens of Bangladesh under the new citizenship law?

citizenship law

Indian citizenship can be excluded from the Indian citizenship amendment bill to deal with the anger of the opponents. Asimia Media estimates that the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) will make such recommendations.

BJP government led by Narendra Modi, who brought a bill in India’s parliament to give citizenship to Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Sikhs from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, BJP government.

The bill is currently under the supervision of JPC led by Rajendra Agarwal. Assam politics surrounding the bill is quite hot.

Along with the democratic movement, the hoaxes of the extremists continue. Of these, five Bengali Hindus were killed. Speaking to JPC member Bhuvneshwar Kolitra, the Times of India said that except for the Bangladeshi, only Hindus from Pakistan and Afghanistan can be recommended for citizenship.

JPC meeting in New Delhi on November 20. It is learned that before the meeting, members of the party have been asked to submit written statements.

70 organizations in Assam have called for the movement of citizenship amendment Bill in Assam.

At the end of this month, they will say ‘Hindu Bangladeshis’ will be ‘satyagraha’ in Delhi. Eham Student Association (At Asu) President Basant Gogoi told reporters on Saturday that there is no place for Bangladeshi people in Assam.

Another step ahead, Akhil Gogoi, leader of the Peasants Mukti Sangram Samiti, said that if BJP tries to pass the citizenship amendment bill, the BJP government of Assam will be thrown into Brahmaputra’s water. If Akhil complains, if the citizenship amendment bill is passed, at least 109 million Bangladeshi Hindus will come to Assam.

As a result, the Assamese will lose their hometown. Unfazed by the information of Akhil, BJP’s legislator Shiladitya Devi refused to accept this information.

He welcomed Hindus to come to India. Opposed to Muslim Involvement Almost every party outside the BJP is in favor of not giving importance to caste politics. They were on 24 March 1974 as the base year for citizenship.

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