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Donald Trump with Chief Justice The Spotlight News

Not only to get involved in the debate but also to create controversy, the accomplished President Donald Trump He again gave proof of his ability.

On November 20, the 9th US Circuit Court granted temporary suspension in the implementation of the order of the trump issued to the illegal immigrants. In this situation, the president started the debate by calling the president as ‘Obama Judge’.

After the Chief Justice gave a counter-talk about the independence of the judiciary, his arm was started with the President. Not saying that ‘Twitter President’ is running this whole debate on social media Twitter.

Trump administration has taken steps to impose sanctions on illegal refugees in America. The application for this action was sent to the Ninth US Circuit Court. On November 20, the court judge gave temporary suspension on the action of Trump administration.

In response, the Trump Court criticized the criticism of the court. In part, he said, “It is frustrating that all the cases are going to end up in the ninth circuit.” It can not be the law. We are losing in all the cases that are in the court. After that, we have to go to the Supreme Court, as did the travel restrictions, and we won.

Wherever there is a case, at the end (Ninth Circuit Court) it is coming here. It’s motivated. This is Obama (appointed) Judge Court It cannot continue. ‘ Appeal appeals in the nine West US states case came to the ninth circuit court.

Circuit courts differ for different states. As a result, the appeals appearing in the western and western states of California, Arizona are normal for this court. It is true that there has been a suspension order on some controversial decisions of the present administration, including travel restrictions in this court.

But the accusation that the verdict of the suspension of a case is being motivated by the motive, is ridiculous. Because the New York Times says the number of such verdicts is in the ninth circuit, near the average rate of judgment against the administration of the circuit courts.

Therefore, the president’s statement made a huge controversy by accusing the Ninth Circuit of bias. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, who was president of the president’s speech, He seems to be questioning the issue about the independence of the judiciary.

In response to the President’s statement on 21 November, he gave a statement. The Chief Justice said, “We do not have any Obama Judge, Trump Judge, Bush or Clinton Judge. We have a team of outstanding dedicated judges, who try their best to behave on the basis of equal rights and fairness with the candidates appearing before them.

Everyone should be grateful to this independent judicial system. ‘ Despite the reaction of the Chief Justice, the trump has not stopped. He wrote in a Twitter post supporting his previous statement, “Chief Justice John Roberts, sorry.

But among you, Obama is the judge, whose outlook differs from the perspective of the people in the security of the country. If the ninth circuit was independent, it would have been great.

But (only when the question comes), when any controversial matter related to border and security goes to him (ninth circuit), and in most cases when it makes a different decision. Please calculate the number (case), it’s awful.

We need protection and security. But these orders make our country insecure, which is very dangerous and folly. ” CNN’s report said that John Roberts was elected to the Supreme Court during former President George W. Bush’s time. The chief justice’s comment is not a normal phenomenon with the head of the executive body.

He does not have the ability to comment on the executive division of America. For this reason, in response to the President’s remarks, the chief justice’s remarks gave birth to a lot of discussions.

Roberts has always believed in the independence and independence of the judiciary independence and executive division. In the last lectures given in the Law School in Minnesota University last October, he stressed on this issue.

There he said, ‘I will not criticize a political issue. But sometimes we have to make such kind of comments. But I want to emphasize that the judiciary has to be completely independent of other departments.

‘ Nothing is said to be said, ‘if not want’ Roberts had to do the comments. And this comment came because of the President’s statement. According to CNN, President Trump has been attacking the Ninth Circuit Court in regular intervals since being in power.

Within a few months of being anointed as president, he told to break the circuit court. According to him, this circuit court has made the border in the western region like California, Arizona making the border unsafe There are also reasons for such a statement.

The Circuit Court has given suspension on several of the most controversial decisions taken by President Trump. Of course, Chief Justice Roberts was also attacked directly by the trump.

Trump was then the presidential candidate. In an interview with ABS in 2016, Trump called Roberts ‘nightmare for the conservatives’.

That comment he did in ‘Obamacare’ Roberts’ consent was in the donation. But before that, the Chief Justice did not reply to such a statement. That is why the president’s fav

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