On last month Cody and Brandi Rhodes left from AEW. During this past Wednesday’ media call, Tony Khan said he tried his best to retain Cody Rhodes. But the two sides couldn’t agree to a new deal.

Now Bodyslam.net reported that talks between Cody and WWE have “fizzled out”. They stated,

While asking around about the purchase of Ring of Honor, sources have also confirmed to me that the reports of Brandi and Cody Rhodes leaving AEW was very much real life, and was not a work.

Additionally, I was told that discussions had been ongoing between Cody and WWE, but I was told ‘those conversations have since fizzled out.’ Once source indicated that there is hope that Cody can be brought back into the AEW fold.

The idea was floated to me that there might be a possibility again, with a new role involving the ROH acquisition.

There’s a possibility that Cody could return to AEW as a ROH president.

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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