CM Punk won the AEW World Championship for the second time after defeating Jon Moxley at All Out pay-per-view last September. However, during the All Out press conference Punk blamed Adam Page, Kenny Omega and Young Bucks, which led to a huge altercation in AEW.

Tony Khan stripped both Elite and Punk of their respective titles after the backstage fight. It was later revealed that CM Punk had suffered an injury that would keep him out of action for a long-time.
AEW then hired an investigation firm to investigate the incident. As a result, Ace Steel was fired from the company. But, Kenny Omega and Young Buck are set to return soon.

Today, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer and Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc discussed the All Out backstage fight. Meltzer noted that there were no lawsuits have been filed from CM Punk to The Elite or AEW. Hausman then stated that AEW also had not filed a lawsuit against Punk.

“As far as I know, there aren’t, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be. I suppose it’s possible on the other side, too, but I have not heard that. The key to this is so much of the stuff has not come out, and I don’t know that it ever will.”

Dave Meltzer

Dave Meltzer further noted that AEW will never issue a public statement regarding the All Out backstage fight.

“As far as what the investigation shows, I don’t think we’ll ever know that. I don’t think we’ll ever hear anything from AEW on this subject. I mean, maybe in years, we might, but I don’t expect to just from the fact that we haven’t [heard anything from AEW yet].”

Dave Meltzer

Nick Hausman stated that the people who were close to CM Punk told him that Punk will never wrestle again.

“Cash does not seem to be an issue for this guy. He’s got in-roads in Hollywood going on right now. Stephen Amell certainly shining him up with what they’re trying to do over on [Starz’s] Heels right now. I have a lot of people that have known Punk that say to me, This guy’s never gonna wrestle again.”

Nick Hausman

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