Two weeks ago, Sasha Banks and Naomi walkout from Monday Night RAW after meeting with Vince McMahon. Recently, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reported that Sasha and Naomi’s WWE contracts are frozen, and they are not getting paid during their hiatus.

However, Fightful Select has reported that they were told Sasha and Naomi are not getting paid is true, but their WWE contracts are not frozen yet.

A higher said they don’t believe Naomi and Sasha Banks’ contracts would be frozen if they’re not being paid.

After Sasha Banks and Naomi’s walkout, Michael Cole announced that WWE would be holding a tournament to determine new Women’s Tag Team Champions. However, it has been two weeks, but there is no word regarding the tournament.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the situation. WWE has pitched four women’s teams for the tournament, but the idea was canceled a week ago.

That women’s tag team tournament is like dead now. Yeah, not a word. They had an idea for four women’s teams whatever they end up being. It was pitched but it was never signed off on as of like a week ago. Now, I have no idea what’s going on, it’s like not a word.

However, Ringside News denies Wrestling Observer’s report and stated that a tenured member told them of the creative team that the tournament was not dead.

But there is no report about the exact time frame for the Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament.

Bray Wyatt Teases Wrestling Return

Bray Wyatt was released from WWE in late July of last year. Since his release, Wyatt hasn’t signed with any wrestling promotion. Recently, Dave Meltzer explained why Bray Wyatt did not sign with any promotion. He said Wyatt’s asking price is very high.

Today Bray Wyatt posted a cryptic tweet that seemingly hints at his wrestling return.

Everything good that’s ever happened to me, first came a period horrible suffering. I never ask why, I just wait for the rough part to end. I was chosen for whatever reason. And I’ve got shit to do. It doesn’t hurt anymore, it burns. I’m ready now⭕️

We can assume that he’s ready to come back based on this tweet. But the question is which promotion he would choose. AEW and Impact Wrestling are interested on Bray Wyatt. Due to his asking price being so high, Tony Khan has a chance to sign him.

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.


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