BNP – Jamaat alliance fears in December: Nasim

Awami League

Bangladesh (TSLN) – The central 14-party alliance spokesman and Health Minister Mohammad Nasim said that BNP-Jamaat alliance is afraid of the reason why the BNP-Jamaat alliance is due in December. They think of their defeat of 1971, so they are scared when the month of December comes.

Therefore, when the Election Commission announced its schedule, the Election Commission has asked the Election Commission to withdraw the election date multiple times.

Mohammad Nasim made the comment at a press conference after a meeting of the 14-party alliance at the Awami League central office at Bangabandhu Avenue in Gulistan on Saturday noon.

Mohammad Nasim said, “December month of victory month. In the month of December, the group of Bengali and freedom fighters was defeated. Under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu, I defeated the Pakistani invader. Awami League had led that leadership, the power of the war of liberation led the leadership.

From that victory, we believe, when the month of victory comes, the nation is united and fighting unitedly against the powers of power. All the victories are in December this month. We will win victory by defeating the power of the seventy-two in the December election.

Awami League presidium member Mohammad Nasim said,

“The Election Commission changed the date more than once due to the request of the united front. In this regard, neither the Awami League nor the 14 parties did any objection.We said ok, give them a chance. After that, I saw them again. They do not want to select in December. That’s why we think they are afraid when they come in December, they are scared and afraid of losing.”

Nayapaltan condemned the attack on police, Mohammad Nasim said, ‘Why police were attacked? This time I was standing with a bamboo stick. There men and women are standing there. We were surprised to see They think they were already ready. This is their behavior, they do not seem to have changed the character yet. “He also said,” We still think they (BNP) are preparing for the election, they will participate in the elections.

Come to the election field, assist the Election Commission. We will accept the verdict that the people will give a verdict. We believe, how the power of the Liberation War is united, our victory is sure. ”

In response to a question, Mohammad Nasim said, “Dr. Kamal Hossain was so depressed, it is really sad. Burnt-burns, the police is attacked, he did not say anything. Kamal Hossain was sold so much to the power of power, I was amazed! Who cannot decide who will be the leader of the leader, what can people expect from them? We have such a decision, whenever elections are held, the Prime Minister will be the Prime Minister. ‘

On making a team of 14 teams in the election campaign, Nasim said, the campaign team will organize meetings and rally in Village Quarrel. I will lead this team myself. Victory Day will be created by Bijoy Manch in every district and Upazila. On this stage, the campaign will be run in the history of the war of liberation, history of victory and election campaign.

National Socialist Party (JSD) President Hasanul Haque Inu, General Secretary Shirin Akhtar, Jatiya Party (JP) Secretary General Shahidul Islam, Awami League Organizing Secretary Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury, General Secretary of Bangladesh JSD Nazmul Haq chief, Tariqat Federation president Nazibul Bashar Maizbhandari, Samyabadi The party’s general secretary Dilip Barua and others were also present.

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