Bianca Belair slammed Bayley three times. Bayley then took a kendo stick but Belair was able to avoid getting hit. Bayley then took a chair but Belair also avoid it. Bayley then grabbed a ladder but Belair took down Bayley.

Bayley then ran into the barricade and hit the running clothesline on Belair. Both Bayley and Belair were fighting on the entrance ramp. The two superstars then came to the ring and Belair threw a chair on Bayley’s face. Bayley then hit Belair with a kendo stick while she was stuck inside the steel steps. Belair then hit a spine buster on Bayley through steel steps. Bayley then ran from Belair but the EST hit her with a kendo stick. Bayley then put a cross-face submission on Belair. Bayley was put on the table by Bianca Belair but the role model stood up before counting to ten. Belair then hit a KOD on Bayley into the chair. Belair then sandwiched Bayley in the ladder and locked into the turnbuckle. The referee then counted ten. Bianca Belair retained her RAW Women’s Championship.

Bianca Belair retained the RAW Women’s Title.


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